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POE proudly celebrates its 40th Anniversary.
Property Owners' Exchange (POE) is the premiere background investigative reporting agency clients rely on for their application screening process. Investigative screening is critical to the well being and safety for any landlord, employer or volunteer organization.
Employee Screening
Property Owners Exchange is truly a one-stop employment screening company. We provide everything you need to perform any type of background check you require. From criminal record searches to drug screening, Info Cubic provides it all. Our expert staff helps guide organizations in creating, updating and implementing their employment-screening policies.
Volunteer Screening
Resident Resume
Resident Screening
Property Owners Exchange is a leading nationwide provider of Tenant Screening services. We provide all the resources necessary, such as hand-searched criminal records, eviction records and credit reports, to properly screen potential tenants. Property managers, apartment managers, real estate management firms and landlords across the US benefit from our thorough investigations.