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POE proudly celebrates its 40th Anniversary.
> Criminal history records investigation (CHRI)

Property Owners' Exchange conducts CHRI's on the basis of last names and first names linked to the applicant. Our CHRI matches your applicant against the available list of persons registered in the state as Child Sex Offenders, Sexually Violent Offenders, and Sexually Violent Predators. 

Many registered sex offenders have placed applications with our clients during the past few years! You have the need to know. You have the right to know about this sensitive and vital information to make informed decisions. 

POE KNOWS the do's and don'ts of your evaluation of criminal history records. 
Want Some Tips?

  • Have a written policy.
  • Apply your policy consistently.
  • Insist on a written report from your vendor. Verbal, "under the table" responses lack integrity and could create legal problems for you and should be simply unacceptable.
  • Never view / factor / keep in your files raw data from the courts.
  • Never view / factor / keep in your files arrest records.
  • Raw data from the courts and arrest records may be deemed to be discriminatory and could cause more problems than they solve. They may not get your records provider in trouble, but they could create very serious problems for you, the end user.
Want more? We can help with your written policy.